Best Books I Read in 2018

Last year has been a pretty okay reading year. Most of the books I read, I gave a 4 or 5 star rating. Hopefully this year will be an even better one. My goal is to surpass the amount of books I read last year, so we shall see.

Just a side note: the books on this list didn’t necessarily have to have been released in 2018. They’re just books I read in 2018. Anyway, without further ado (we can make do without the long intros, Cherry), I present to you my favorite books of 2018!

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2019 Reading Goals

[ cue “Start of Something New” from High School Musical ]

I already expect this to be a huge failure, and it’s only been two weeks into the new year, but I like to remain hopeful. “Hope” is actually a word that shows up a lot in my journal, to my own surprise, despite my constant pessimism.

While I’m both excited and terrified for what’s ahead, I’m not going to make an extensive list of New Year’s resolutions filled with things I know I probably won’t do anyway (like stop swearing, or actually exercise – you’d have to kill me first). However, I do have some promises that I made for myself for the New Year, and that includes the following reading resolutions.

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HIGHLIGHTS: July Favorites!

I know, I know. I’m late – but guess who caught the flu? I was out for an entire week, and I’m trying to catch up on the work I missed. While taking breaks in-between work, I’m typing up this post so I can finally say I updated this blog. It’s been forever!

As mentioned before, I write a lot for work, so sometimes coming on here feels like a chore. But I love this blog, and I’m set on keeping this place alive for as long and as best as I can. (I’m not pressuring myself at all!)

Anyway, here are my July highlights!

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I have been gone for a little over a month (I think) – but Seventeen is having a comeback, so I’ll be back for that! I also ordered the Follow version of their 5th mini-album (You Make My Day), so I’ll have a quick unboxing for that, too. It’s mostly to document which inclusions I got. I’m rarely ever lucky when it comes to inclusions like photocards, but I love everyone in Seventeen so I’m rarely ever disappointed regardless of which member I get.

Anyway, that’s a quick post! Real life has been hella busy. I’m usually too preoccupied with work, and all I do nowadays is work and sleep because I’m so mentally exhausted most days. I write a lot for work, so sometimes going on here to blog feels like a chore. Anyway, I’ll be back!

If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking around!



Many of my friends know that I have been a Let⭐s since Fiestar debuted in 2012 with Vista. Fiestar has since then become one of my ults. So, obviously, the news of their disbandment left me pretty devastated. I mean, I saw it coming, what with them being AWOL for an entire year. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t put my faith in LOEN Ent. (I know, I know. It’s LOENt. I should have known better.  I trusted you, and you betray me like this.)

In light with their recent disbandment (which, honestly, I have not come to terms with yet), I’ve compiled some of my favorite Fiestar tracks. Even though the members have decided to go their separate ways, we will always have these iconic bops. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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MUSIC: K-pop Summer Tunes

Despite the weather over here, it’s technically already summer. Fun fact: It rained the day they declared it the first day of summer. The local weather forecasters are probably scratching their heads, and shaking in their seats. Still, it’s super hot and humid, so you can definitely tell it’s that time of the year.

Meanwhile, to get through the gloomy skies and pouring rain, here are some K-pop tunes to help get that summer vibes going!

Mr. Sun, please come out!

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STYLE: Notable 2018 Met Gala Looks

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination – there’s so much room for creativity within this theme. While the theme did gather a bit of an issue, there’s no denying that the red carpet was full of eye-catching and memorable fashion pieces. After looking through the released photos, I can definitely see why the theme is met with both criticism and awe.

Here are 10 of my favorite 2018 Met Gala looks!

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OOTD: Ahh Oop!


Another OOTD post!

This blog is turning into a K-pop blog a lot faster than I expected, so here’s a slightly different post. I feel like I don’t post enough lifestyle posts on a supposedly lifestyle blog, but I’m just starting out. Let’s see where this takes us!

By the way,  before anything else, I might do a series where I incorporate K-pop MV themes or costumes into my OOTDs, so maybe stick around for that if you’re into that sort of thing.

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