Pumpkin Spice Latte Book Tag ☕ (A fun and cozy time? All I know is rage.)

Truth be told, I don’t think I have tasted anything pumpkin spice-flavored in my life.

I know it’s an extremely popular choice during the fall season, but living in Southeast Asia, we don’t really have much autumnal treats. Although, now that I think about it, the local Starbucks does sell Pumpkin Spice Lattes during the colder months, and I am just not inclined to buy it, being more of an apple cinnamon type of gal, you know what I mean?

Anyway, I still wanted to feel festive considering Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’m always anticipating the brrr! months. I first saw this tag from Kristin over at Kristin Kraves Books and thought the prompts were really fun. The original creator is The Book Pusher on YouTube!

Pumpkin Spice Latte → a book everyone likes to hate on but is delicious

Oh, man. Definitely Anna and the French Kiss.

I’ve seen so many BookTubers and reviews on the Goodreads page that made very intense and very lengthy rants about this book. Personally? I absolutely loved it. I know people are iffy about all the implied (was it, though?) emotional cheating shenanigans, but I live for anything that can potentially lead to utter chaos. In the end, I know it all boils down to preferences, and there’s always this kind of debate when it comes to romance. I say, you do you. (I say this, knowing people will judge me.) But also: if you can’t handle some problematic drama, natural selection is coming for you.

“Fall is my favorite season!” → a cliché you can’t get enough of

As a reader of fanfiction, you’d think I’d have gotten sick of this very specific and very common trope – but after reading The Flatshare I realized I cannot get enough of it.

There’s only one bed!

You fucking bet your ass there’s only one bed. What are you going to do? Will you share it? Will someone sleep on the floor? Will you pay for an extra room? Will you kiss? Despite all the many possibilities, it all boils down to one thing in the end, and I will devour all the tension that follows suit.

Runner up: “It’s always been you” – but we’ll save that discussion for another time.

Sweater Weather to T-shirt Weather → a book you thought was one thing but was completely different by the end

If you read the summary for Nightface on Goodreads, it’s marketed as “vampire evolution.” Vicious vampires? Yes, please. Give me violent. Give me gruesome.

In the end, I was left extremely disappointed, kind of angry. I barely got any of the vampire aspects. It was all mundane, and I understood next to nothing about the whole arrangement. All the bloodshed happened at the very end, in a weird flashback. The gory bits were written incredibly well, mind you. But the rest of the book? Nah, man. I almost DNF-ed this one multiple times, but I had a lot of misplaced hope.

“Spoops” → Do you have a spooky book on your TBR?

I have a ton, my dude.

Let me tell you, I have had an influx of horror/thrillers ever since I got my Kindle. I just can’t stop adding them to my overflowing TBR. But the one I’ll be picking up very soon would be Pet Sematary, so that’s the one I’ll be putting here!

Apparently, this one is one of – if not the – most terrifying and disturbing books he’s ever written. I’ll be reading this for The Spooktober Readathon, and I am super excited since I’ve been meaning to read more Stephen King. I’ve only read one book by him, and it was also for spooky season a few years back.

Tarot Reading → a five-star prediction

I am super duper excited to also read The Diviners for the Spooktober Readathon! I didn’t want to read this via ebook, even though I was aching to.

I actually just recently got a hold of a physical copy after months of borderline desperation. (Thank you, mysterious seller from Shopee.)

My favorite BookTubers speak so highly about it, and the concept has intrigued me right from the start. I think it’s the perfect season to actually start this series. I already have the second book – and when I tell you that I am ready.

Sephora Sage + Crystal Set → a book that meant well but missed the mark by a landslide

This book is one of the most popular books out there with mental health representation. But having rep doesn’t mean that it’s a good one – and this book is proof of that.

Some friends recommended All the Bright Places saying I could probably relate considering I, too, suffer from bipolar disorder. While some parts did hit close to home, it was just… not it, fam.

I really wanted to like it, but I could tell the author was trying hard to make the characters quirky and “relatable,” and it just felt wrong to me. It’s not bad, per say, but it’s not a that good, either. Don’t get me started on the ending, but that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t even want to bother with the movie.

This tag ended up being more of an excuse to rant, which I honestly didn’t expect upon starting this post. Honestly, I am perpetually angry person, but I answered truthfully.

Letting out steam the way a warm cup of coffee does, I guess? 🥺

Still, I had some fun doing this! I have some more tags I want to do, but we’ll see where that leads me since I rarely ever do tags. I spent too much time making this post instead of actually reading. I am so behind on this readathon. Maybe I’ll pull an all-nighter to read?

For now, I shall leave you with this. What are your thoughts about the books mentioned? Have you read any of them? Please do share with me; I’d love to know!

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