Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Name a Pet After (+ Some Specific Animals For Each Name)

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Like naming newborn human babies, I find naming pets to be a little nerve-wracking and even quite personal because, even though they’re animals, you’ll be bestowing them with a name that they will familiarize and associate themselves with.

Am I looking too deep into this? I am so sorry. I love animals more than humans. I plan to own a pig farm and ten beagles instead of giving birth to an actual human child.

Anyway, let’s get on with the names, all inspired by fictional book characters!

10. Charlie

No words can describe how much I adore Charlie Wu. I know Charlie is a pretty common name for pets already, but it’s cute, and I’d still use it for a goldfish, maybe a frog.

9. Elizabeth

Jumin Han from the Mystic Messenger game also has a cat with the same name. I just think Elizabeth sounds so regal, and I’d definitely name a white Persian cat this.

8. Thalia

I haven’t really reached the part where Thalia appears, but the moment I read her name in The Lightning Thief, my first thought was, Oooh, that’s such a pretty name.

7. Lucky

Honestly (#1), I didn’t like Lucky as a character. Honestly (#2), my aunt already had a dog named Lucky when I was growing up. I feel like this is just here for nostalgic reasons.

6. Daisy

For years, I have been begging my dad for a pet pig. Not a teacup pig — an actual full-size pig I can possibly ride on. If it were a girl, I thought I’d name her Daisy. Man, I love pigs.

5. Meiner

One of my book girlfriends, I thought the name Meiner was such a quirky, unique name. (Is it Nordic? Irish? German?) It also sounds like a nice name for an very large dog.

4. Tiffy

Tiffy is possibly one of my favorite female characters. When I get a female Exotic Shorthair kitten, there is a high chance that I would name her Tiffy. I’ve always wanted one so bad!

3. Little

I just think Little is an incredibly cute nickname. Just for the sake of irony, I would name a large dog Little. It’ll make sense as a puppy, but it’ll still sound cute when it’s full-grown.

2. Miu / Miyu

I feel like my boyfriend would appreciate this, being the hard Murakami stan he is. Miu already sounds like a cat’s meow, and it’s similar to what many people call their cats locally.

1. Cricket

My ultimate book boyfriend, I am so in love with Cricket Bell. I think his name suits his gentle character. I can imagine naming an orange Scottish Fold or tabby cat Cricket.

Honestly, even though I’ve had this draft ready for like two weeks, I literally just crammed the content for this post at the very last minute. I forgot today was Tuesday. For the life of me, I cannot keep track of each passing day.

Anyway, this was simply a quick, fun post. Thank you for reading!



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